Stepahead Consulting

Stepahead Consulting

Stepahead Consulting offers profit – and non-profit organizations highly qualified and certified Project Management and Program Management experts for complex IT related implementation projects.

How quickly can your organization evolve?

Every organization is constantly undergoing changes and improvements due to ambitions, plans and new trends in the market.

The question that arises: Can your organization adopt these changes and improvements? Does your organization has all the expertise needed for the required actions?

Interim Project Management

Bringing external expertise into your organization is very helpful on implementing new changes and/or improvements.

As interim Project Manager, Stepahead Consulting offers pragmatic and proven solutions for complex (international) implementations. The page Project Management gives you more detail on the level of expertise and added value Stepahead Consulting BV can offer. This expertise will bring you the required professional project management you are looking for.

Interim Program Management

Challenging business issues regarding improvements or process changes are often part of Program Management. A Program differs from a project by the fact that it is directly linked to a company strategy or business indicator. The page Program Management gives you more detail on the use of Program management and the added value which Stepahead Consulting can bring to your organization.

Business Improvement Management

New improvements and changed procedures are often part of the daily business. To optimize the inovations and the make the (new) processess and improvements as efficiënt as possible, external support can be the required level you are searching for. Many organizations however, are facing difficulties to identify options to leverage your improvements and processes. In these situations an external view of your organization will give you better visibility of these options. This will end up in better choices and will avoid wrong discussions that can cost a lot of money, effort and set-back towards the competition. Stepahead Consulting will bring you this clarity and sets focus on innovation and improvement.

“Stepahead Consulting leverages your complex, international implementations”