(Nederlands) Programma management

Programma management

Stepahead Consulting offers program management to support and advice international programs to achieve clearly defined goals and results.

Characteristics of Program Management

As Program Manager, Stepahead Consulting works closely together with all participants with full focus on the defined strategic goals. To achieve these goals a set of projects is often created with clear interdependencies. Structured program management will support you to keep track on the progress and to obtain a solid project portfolio management.

Optimizing Program Management

To ensure the correct way of using Program management within your organization, Stepahead Consulting can be used as your sparring partner to guide you in the right direction and to give clear advice on the governance, planning and reporting issues. If needed an audit can be performed for programs in progress. This audit can be used to leverage the existing program and to steer the outcome in the desired direction.

International Program Management

Based on the broad experience of  Stepahead Consulting regarding international Program Management makes our company a trusty partner in supporting the management.

Due to the fact that Stepahead consulting is internationally recognized and certified with an IPMA-B senior level rating, many companies have already requested our specific program management and Project Management services.