(Nederlands) Project management

Project management

Stepahead Consulting BV offers profit and non-profit organizations senior Project Management for large, complex, international  implementation projects. Stepahead is owned by JP Bakker who is an IPMA-B certified “senior project manager”.

Managing complex projects

Managing a project is not always easy. The complexity of all workstreams, 3rd parties, stakeholders and project members need to be managed in a correct and efficiënt manner. This can only be done by experienced and rightfully skilled project managers. Stepahead Consulting offers these type of project managers. As an IPMA-B certified project manager Stepahead will manage the whole project from start- to project closure. Stepahead will also manage to ensure the project results will be embedded (and hand over) to the existing organization with the use of proven and worldwide accepted project methodologies.

Project audit

Often large projects are not following the original base lined planning. Increase of timelines, costs and effort need to be analyzed to make sure the project can be re aligned on its original track. Gaining control over the project is critical for organizations.

To gain visibility and to ensure the project is controlled again, a solid professional audit can be carried out by Stepahead Consulting to  give you that push into the right direction.

Project planning and project methodologies

Business knowledge, project methodologies and a clear integral planning ensures Stepahead Consulting to drive complex projects into the right direction. With the use of the right expertise at the right moment in time projects that seemed to be stuck in progress, can be brought back on the right track again. Last but not least Stepahead Consulting will introduce clear templates, controls and reporting to steer the project on the 5 base components of project management:  Scope, Time, Budget, Governance en Risks.

Plan of the Project

Stepahead Consulting steers the project according to the created project plan. A clear “make your plan, work your plan” approach is used to set the expectations and the milestones along the route. The following principles of project management will be always be used:

  • Determine the Scope
  • Create the Business case
  • Create the Project Plan
  • Set up Integral planning based on phases, deliverables and activities.
  • Build the resource plan (who does what, when and where)
  • Identify the risks and mitigations
  • Set-up of the project governance
  • Implement project processes
  • Build the Financial reporting and tracking of the project
  • Stakeholder Management

Realizing all these principals will be the base for project success. The remaining part of the success will be driven by the chosen solution, availability of the resources, budget and many other smaller things.  

The extended experience of Stepahead Consulting proves that good project management is based on the right knowledge and expertise and will lead to successful results.